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Anatomical organization of PPC and linked regions

In addition to functional mapping we are also interested in how the rodent PPC is wired with its major partners in cortical processing. In 2019 we published a paper in which we gave details on how to locate PPC in the mouse using staining techniques that are available in essentially any neuroanatomy facility (i.e. does not require functional or connectivity mapping):
We further mapped out where PPC in the mouse overlaps with the much-studied extrastriate cortical areas. Papers often use different nomenclatures for the same region, either calling it PPC or naming one of the extrastriate areas. Here, we put both nomenclatures into a common register by combining old-fashioned Nissl staining (above) with triple-tracer injections in visual cortex (below): 
We are continuing this line of work by now defining where visual outputs (the extrastriate areas) overlap with frontally-projecting motor inputs; the simplicity of the mouse allows us to visualize the visual-to-motor projection pathway in a single preparation. Stay tuned!
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